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.. We are the Panhellenic Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery. The Society was founded in 2000 by 29 surgeons, mainly from Thessalonica, interested in diseases affecting the colon. In the three general meetings that have taken place since 2000 three Boards were elected. The Boards consist of seven members (a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer and two members). The current Board was elected in December 2005 in Drama during a 1-day conference held there.

- President: G. Basdanis
- Vice-President A': I.Kanellos
- Vice-President B': Ch. Christakis
- Secretary: V. . Papadopoulos
- Treasurer: A. Michalopoulos
- Member: N. Lyratzopoulos
- Member: E. Tsimogiannis


- Promote surgery, research and generally medical science in Greece for diseases affecting the colon and rectus.
- Promptly diagnose and face diseases affecting the colon and rectus, something that can be achieved in cooperation with the doctors, specialized in the relevant areas.
- Develop technical and material infrastructure in order to fulfil the Society's aims.
- Organize preclinical examinations programs for the diseases affecting the colon and rectus, in cooperation with respective Greek or European Societies.
- Contribute to the training, specialization, cooperation and forming of a common course and medical terminology with doctors from relevant areas: such as urologists, anatomic pathologists, cytologists, medical-oncologists and every other relevant area.
- Organize Panhellenic and International conferences, conventions, seminars and specializing tutorials - surgery training programs etc.
- Develop scientific relations and contacts with similar international and especially EU societies.
- Issue magazines, pamphlets and/or specialized books.
- To substantially participate in forming the educational program and conditions for young doctors who want to be trained in colorectal surgery.
- Develop initiatives in creating specific further training programs in the colorectal surgery and the official recognitions as a subspecialty or, in the near future, specialty.
- Create a library with journals and specialized books.
- Create a data bank related to the colorectal surgery.
- Serve any relevant aim that may arise in the future.

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